Scope of the reporting

This annual report provides an overview of the performance of Accell Group and the main developments in the organisation in 2020. All the reported financial data pertain to the 2020 financial year that ran from 1 January to 31 December. As in previous years, non-financial data is reported for the period 1 December 2019 to 30 November 2020.

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This annual report is intended for all our stakeholders and in particular for our shareholders and staff and reports on aspects highly material to Accell Group. The financial data in this report is generated by a standardised and automated reporting system. The internal risk management system safeguards the reliability of these financial data.

The data related to Corporate Social Responsibility is collected once a year. The collected data and reporting are not verified by the external auditor. In 2020, the sustainability-related data collection covered 97% of our operations. This percentage is related to number of employees and turnover. The quantitative and qualitative information related to Corporate Social Responsibility is based on qualitative interviews and quantitative data requests. To this end, we address the responsible staff members at our companies and staff departments. The persons responsible at our companies provide the requested quantitative data and direct the sustainability aspects and priority actions.


The team responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility at Group level uses a plausibility check to verify the data obtained. Most of the employee data are derived from various HR information systems, some data comes from other means of administration and estimations based on interviews. Having different systems and not all data registered within these systems will influence the reliability of the presented figures.

Deviations from previous CSR reporting

During collecting the data for 2020, some minor mistakes in the 2019 data were registered. Where necessary, we have adjusted the figures for previous years in the tables for comparison purposes. This may result in some tables deviating from those presented in the 2019 annual report.