Our purpose and mission

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We strongly believe that people have the power to change the world for the better. And they will do this partly through cycling. Because cycling inspires many of us every day to achieve more with our muscle power and innovative potential. In the end this propels us forward. Cycling helps to give people a better life. Simply because more exercise makes everyone happier, fitter and results in better performance all day long.


performance all day long Cycling clears your head and gives you room to laugh and enjoy your day. Cycling is about more than the cyclist who smiles at his neighbour and really connects with his neighbourhood. It is by far the most sustainable means of transport and it helps to create liveable towns and cities, without traffic jams, noise, and air pollution.

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Cycling is the best ticket we have today to a healthier environment. Bikes offer the most energy-efficient way to get around, while taking up little space on roads. The production of bikes requires fewer materials than any other vehicle, with the lowest environmental impact per kilometre.

As one of Europe's leading bicycle manufacturers, making a real and lasting contribution to a liveable world is ingrained in our DNA. If we manage to make just one bicycle part more sustainable, it has an impact on millions of bikes. Our ambition is to help the world move forward with every innovation we come up with. We want to build on our sustainable and profitable business by always being part of the solution. For our people, for society and for the planet. Every single day.

We design simple, innovative solutions inspired by people.

People power everything we design and do. We really get under the skin of what moves cyclists and how they move. Only then you can propel athletes towards Olympic gold or the yellow jersey. Only then can you get millions of people moving. We absolutely love people and bikes and bringing the two together.

Designing from the rider's point of view means creating solutions that are smart, simple, and accessible. If we can make smart things so simple that they appeal to everyone, we will be able to provide the innovation that will move the entire industry forward. We have already done that many times. Just think of our invention of the e-bike and the e-mountain bike. We have shaken up the industry before, we are still doing it to this day, and we plan to continue doing it long into the future.

People make the difference in how we build our products. The passion and dedication of everyone at Accell Group helps to create products with an incredible attention to detail and level of quality that is hard to match by any of our competitors. As pioneers, we are constantly looking for new products and services. Every single day, we ask ourselves what do all those millions of cyclists want. And each time we manage to come up with an unprecedented solution.

We make bikes and parts and accessories for a fantastic cycling experience.

We are always exploring new ways to create an even better cycling experience. We keep pushing customer experience forward across all channels, meeting consumers wherever they choose to be. We work with start-ups, universities, and innovative suppliers to make bikes smarter and roll out new concepts more quickly. At the same time, we are constantly researching new mobility solutions. With our thousands of dealers across Europe, we complete the retail experience, from personal advice at the moment of purchase to perfect service in the years to come.

We are here for all cyclists, young and old. For the athlete who is committed to sporting excellence. For parents taking their children to school. And for the casual cyclist who just likes to get out and about. We want to exceed their expectations with a cycling experience that makes them happy. After all… we are all cyclists too.