Tax and regulations

Accell Group regards taxation as an integral part of its business and as an important contribution to Accell Group’s position in business and society. Accell Group’s attitude towards taxation is reflected in its vision ‘corporate social responsibility at the heart of everything we do’. Accell Group takes a long-term view and carefully weighs the interest of all stakeholders. To clarify what this means in practice, Accell Group has developed a Tax Policy via a set of tax principles and tax guidelines. Below you will find a description of Accell Group’s tax principles and tax guidelines.

Accell Group’s tax principles:

  • Accell Group pays taxes in a timely fashion and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Accell Group is guided by international standards, such as the OECD Guidelines. Accell Group takes into account both the letter and the spirit of tax laws and regulations.
  • Tax is an integral part of doing business. Taxes should follow business and profits are therefore allocated to the countries in which business value is created. Accell Group applies the at arm’s length principle when calculating transfer prices. Accell Group does not use contrived or abnormal tax structures that are aimed at tax avoidance.


  • Tax is one of the elements Accell Group takes into account in its commercial and economic activities. 
  • Wherever Accell Group operates, Accell Group seeks to establish and maintain an open and constructive dialogue with tax authorities and other government bodies, based on the disclosure of all relevant facts and circumstances. If necessary, Accell Group discusses important fiscal aspects with the tax authorities in an open and transparent manner. 
  • Accell Group seeks a competitive, stable, sustainable and explainable effective corporate tax rate and will when possible optimise the tax efficiency of its corporate structure. However, any optimisation will only be based on opportunities provided by law or case law and any tax planning will be discussed in an open and transparent manner with the relevant tax authorities.
    However, in doing so, due consideration needs to be given to Accell Group’s legitimate interests, reputation, brand, and corporate social responsibility. 
  • Accell Group takes a prudent approach with respect to the tax charge in its financial statements.
  • Accell Group is transparent about its approach to tax and its tax position. Disclosures are made in accordance with the relevant domestic regulations, as well as applicable reporting requirements and standards, such as IFRS.

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Corporate income tax (CIT) by region

  The Netherlands Germany Other Europe Other World Total
  2020 2020 2020 2020 2020
  € x 1,000 € x 1,000 € x 1,000 € x 1,000 € x 1,000
CIT to be paid (received) 1 January 2020 2,420 498 1,089 -165 3,841
CIT paid (received) in 2020 2,154 8,296 450 -104 10,796
CIT to be paid (received) 31 December 2020 -2,431 2,238 1,648 97 1,552