Networks and stakeholder engagement

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Throughout the year, Accell Group maintains a constant dialogue with its stakeholders and is actively involved in a large number of networks in which we frequently take a leading role.


Network involvement

We are affiliated with various national and international industry organisations and initiatives, focused on several fields of corporate social responsibility. Below you will find an overview, organised per theme, of the industry and advocacy organisations where we have a seat on the board or for which we actively participate in working groups:

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Consumer safety

  • ISO / TC 149 (Technical Committee of the International Organisation for Standardisation in the field of bicycles, their components and accessories).
  • CEN TC 333 Cycles (Technical Committee of the European Committee for Standardisation).
  • CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical and Battery Standardisation).
  • Relevant national standard Institutions in the field of bicycle safety.

Theft prevention

  • SAFE (foundation concerning bicycle and e-bike theft).
  • Foundation ART (bicycle locks).


Bicycle industry –
healthy & green mobility

  • CONEBI (Confederation of the European Bicycle Industries), including CSR expert group.
  • WBIA (World Bicycle Industry Association).
  • CIE (Cycling Industries Europe).
  • Relevant national associations in the field of industry & cycling advocacy.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • WFSGI (World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry): application of the WFSGI Code of Conduct.
  • RSI (Responsible Sports Initiative): social & environmental audit platform.
  • Relevant local organisations in the field of (bicycle) battery recycling: financial commitment.
  • Relevant local organisations in the field of electronic equipment recycling: financial commitment.


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Stakeholder initiatives

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Consumers - Cyclists

  • Mix of online distribution channels and dealers.
  • Different brand sites social media.
  • Consumer service via the different brands.
  • Fairs, (sport)events.
  • Consumer panels to remain in touch with relevant consumer insights and developments.

Retail Trade Network

  • Visits from sales staff.
  • Workshops about our latest products and technological applications.
  • Trade fairs and house shows.
  • Internet sites, e-mail, newsletter.
  • Annual events about the changes in the bicycle industry.

Local Government Bodies-Regulators

  • Dialogue with various local and national governmental bodies. Via industry associations and at our own initiative.
  • Discussions/meetings with regulators if needed.

Industry associations and advocacy groups

  • Seat on various boards of industry organisations.
  • Active engagement during bicycle events and trade fairs.



  • Cooperation with suplliers to roll out innovations faster.
  • Special workshops with our largest suppliers sharing insights and exploring ways for more cooperation.
  • International trade fairs.


  • Town halls, meetings, newsletters, digital information screens, one on ones.
  • Various meetings with the works council and trade unions.
  • Employee engagement surveys on an annually basis.

Investors / Financers and Financial Analysts

  • Annual shareholder meeting.
  • Sessions for analysts and investors.
  • (Inter) national conferences and roadshows for investors.
  • Periodic sessions with our banking consortium.
  • Annual report, half year results, press releases, trading updates, other reports, updates on significant developments on Group level.

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